Booking Advertising is Like Making Tea

I love tea.
16 cups a day kinda love.
But today is dilemma day!
Only one tea bag.
I spread it over 16 cups.
Plop in the first cup.
Dip in the second.
Bungee into the third.
Kangaroo hop across the last 13.
What do you think happened? 


None tasted like tea.
I was disappointed with the result.
I wasted my tea bag!   

Your Ad Budget is like my tea bag.
Spread it across a few radio stations, a TV station, newspaper,
Adwords, local magazines, billboards,
Facebook, flyers, *Yellow Pages,
you dilute your message so much it fails. 

You waste your money.

Don’t dilute. CONCENTRATE.
Pick one advertising delivery vehicle and DOMINATE.
If you can’t DOMINATE a whole radio or TV station,
DOMINATE a day or a day part or an hour of a day
When you have enough money, then add a second.

Don’t. Dilute.

I’m off to enjoy full strength cuppa 😃 

Until next time.
Work hard. Have Fun. 

*(You still put money into Yellow Pages!) 

Craig Arthur
Marketing Strategist
Wizard of Ads Marketing (Australia)