How Many People Do You Want to Reach?


That's a question I ask my clients during our Uncovery process. 

When you know how to buy *radio, you can reach the same person, three times a week, fifty-two weeks a year, for fifty cents. The same person, 156 times a year, for fifty cents.

That's a great buy.
We do that regularly for clients.

A good buy is a dollar, per person, per year.
An okay buy is two dollars, per person, per year.
That's a buy a business owner can achieve on his or her own.

All media works, when you have a message that is relevant and memorable. When you have a business that looks after customers.

But not all media costs the same.
It costs a dollar in Australia to buy a stamp.
Plus the envelope.
Plus the paper.
Plus the lick of your tongue.
You reach the person once.

Radio wins as a long-term message delivery vehicle.
But only when you know the "how to schedule it" system.

Want to reach 40,000 people with your message, three times a week, fifty-two weeks a year? Well that will cost you,

  • $20,000 @ fifty cents.
  • $40,000 @ one dollar.
  • $80,000 @ two dollars.

You can see why clients like us to buy their media.

A good buy will get them get double the people.
A great buy will get them four times the people.

And that's what you're buying.
Not spots.
Not commercials.
Not half-page ads.
Not a schedule with a cruise attached.
You're buying people.

How many people do you want to reach?
Once you answer that question, send me an email.

Until next time.
Work hard. Have Fun. 

Craig Arthur
Marketing Strategist
Wizard of Ads Marketing (Australia)

*Note. The size of the client, the size of their ad budget and the size of their city determines what media delivery vehicle is the best option. Sometimes it is radio, sometimes it is not. Always remember, it is the message and a good business that makes advertising successful, not the media delivery vehicle.