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You want to grow your business. You invest time and money into marketing and advertising. It fails, so you try again, and again. It takes mountains of money and years of experiments to discover what works best. Don’t spend your mountains and years. 

Craig Arthur - Wizard of Ads Australia.

Craig Arthur - Wizard of Ads Australia.

Wizard of Ads Marketing Group. 56 Partners. 4 Countries. $1billion invested in marketing and advertising. Not for the big guys. For small owner-operated businesses like you. Over the last 25+ years we've learnt some interesting stuff, and wrote some books. Most goes against conventional wisdom. We can teach you what we've discovered. What works, what doesn't and why.

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Hire us. That way you grow your business faster. We'll craft a custom marketing and advertising strategy for your business. Then help you put your strategy into action. 

More customers will visit your website. More customers will call your business. More customers will enter your store. You'll grow faster, make more money and enjoy getting up each day. 

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Are you willing to pull the trigger? Nothing changes until action is taken. 

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How to Reduce Your Ad Budget & Increase Sales

Watch this 9-min video case study. We cut the ad budget by 20%. Changed the message. Sales grew by grew $952,000. Nothing else in the business changed. Note: We stopped consulting the business mentioned when it sold. The client since started a new business which we named Happy Tint. We are backing helping him grow. 

Craig Arthur - Wizard of Ads Australia


Making Ads Work

If you are going to advertise, know how to do it right. This is how.

Download the PDF or read on this website.

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Wizard Academy teaches many things – but mostly advertising and marketing – to business owners worldwide.

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