5 Lessons for Business and Life

"A brand isn’t what you say about yourself, Sunshine. Your brand is built on your actions. Your performance. And the performance of your products." - Poobah, Be Like Amazon, Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It

I was talking to my mate Trent Yesberg about the importance of values in business. How your business is a reflection of you.

I explained to Trent, how as a marketing strategist you spend much of your time studying people. The things they do. The things they don't do. They way they treat other people. What they say. What they don't say.

You learn much about a businesses by observation.

When Will My Ads Start Working?

"When you know how adverting works and your competitors don't, you have the advantage."

Advertising is like planting corn.

According to reference.com, "From sowing to harvest, a corn seed takes 55 to 95 days to grow, depending on what type of corn is planted as well as the climate it is grown in. The time from planting corn seed to germination is normally about 5 to 12 days."

In your experience what would be the most effective kind of advertising? - Zoe H. Australia

Zoe, the answer depends on your definition of advertising.
Are you talking...

  • Media selection. The delivery vehicle of your message (passive or intrusive)? Television, radio, newspaper, magazines, Adwords, Facebook ads, flyers, billboards, buses, cinema, email, direct mail, door knocking... If you say the right thing, all advertising delivery vehicles work to some degree.