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Marketing & Advertising for Owner-Operated Businesses. Townsville, Australia. We Help Owner-Operated Businesses Attract Profitable Customers.

Stop Wasting Money on Marketing & Advertising


You need to attract more profitable customers to grow your business. But, it takes mountains of money & years of experiments to discover the strategies that work best. Don’t spend your own mountains & years. Grow your business faster. 

Learn the Secrets of Profitable Customer Persuasion


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Grow Your Business Faster... Hire Wizard of Ads Australia

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Marketing & Advertising for Owner-Operated Businesses


Please be aware, we only accept one business, per category, per market. We plan on helping you take market share from your competitors. We want you to be the The Market Leader of your town or city. We can't do that if we also work with one of your competitors. This policy is just one thing that make us different. Here are a few more.


We Are Not a Fit For Every Business


At Wizard of Ads Australia, we only work with the business owner. We do not report or take directions from managers, committees or external agencies. 


Do You Share the Qualities of Our Successful Clients?


You are looking for a long-term growth solution. (You know quick fixes don't work.) You are willing to invest resources into the growth of your business. You accept responsibility for your successes and failures. You are ready to shake up your industry. You are open to innovation. You are passionate about your business. You are customer focused. You have patience. You are willing to accept advice

If the above describes you, together we will take over the world.


Are You Ready to Attract More Profitable Customers?


Take the first step. It begins with a complimentary alignment meeting. This is where you tell us your story, your future goals, and the factors you believe are currently holding you back. It is at this meeting we both decide if there is a fit between our 2 businesses. It is only then can we explore your options. So we’ll ask questions and listen before we make recommendations. 


Call: Australia +61 7 4728 4866
Email: send us an email (the best option)


Wizard of Ads Australia has provided strategy, marketing and advertising help to 1,356 businesses. ANZ Bank big to startup small. Townsville, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Newcastle, Sunshine Coast, Cairns. 

PS. Business Owners in United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Central America, we’ll connect you with a Wizard of Ads Marketing team best suited to your needs.


Wizard of Ads® Inc Marketing Group

United States, Australia, Canada, Central America, United Kingdom

Wizard of Ads® Inc Marketing Group - Partner meeting 2014, Austin Texas

Wizard of Ads® Inc Marketing Group - Partner meeting 2014, Austin Texas