Hire Wizard of Ads Marketing 

The Alignment Meeting

This meeting can be done by phone or face-to-face. We’ll ask questions and listen before we make recommendations. At this meeting we both decide if there is a fit between our two businesses. 

Meeting Has Only One Rule

Total honesty and openness with each other.

Your Challenge or Goal?

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

This is where you tell us your story, your future goals, and the factors you believe are currently holding you back.

Your Commitment?

You have come to us because you have a challenge to overcome or a goal you wish to achieve. So how committed are you to solving the challenge and achieving your goal? How much time and money are you prepared to invest? What are you willing to do? What will you not do? What would like us to do?

Your Options?

It is only now can we explore your options, and decide which of our services best suit your situation. We could recommend a training and DIY solution, a short-term project, or a long-term partnership. And don't be surprised if we tell you we are unable to help.

The Next Step?

Now is decision time. Do we both agree there is a fit between our two companies?

Contact Us.

Schedule your alignment meeting, call 0417 780 882 or send an email. (Best option)

We look forward to talking.


PS. If your business is in the United States, Canada, Central America or the United Kingdom, no problem. We can connect you with a Wizard of Ads Marketing team best suited to your needs and location.