How Much of Your Advertising is Working?

Most Advertising Isn't Working Like it Should.

But Why Not?

It’s not working because in traditional advertising wisdom, tradition far outweighs wisdom. Business Owners are making decisions based on irrelevant information. This information is then applied using unwritten advertising rules that simply don’t work. These rules have never worked, and they never will.

So first up an exercise.

Add together all the marketing dollars you invested in the last 12 months. Include radio, TV, newspaper, flyers, yellow pages, brochures, internet, printing costs, and production costs, add it all up. Apply that dollar amount to the steps below.

   Step 1
  Marketing dollars invested in the last 12 months      $____________
   (Example: $90,000)
   Step 2
   What percentage do you feel was wasted or was ineffective?  _________%
   (Example: 70%)
   Step 3
   Multiply your total ad budget by the above percentage.    $______________
   This will give you the marketing dollars you feel were wasted last year.
   (Example: $90,000 x .7 = $63,000)

Ok, that figure is for the last year. Been in business more than one year? Add up all the years.   

It may make you feel queasy looking at all those wasted dollars, but at least the facts are on the table. For until you admit you have an advertising problem, no one in the world can help you. 

Now, to make any progress understanding how advertising really works and to make your dollars perform, I need you to give me a big, blank, white sheet of paper to draw on. I need you to leave your prejudices, preconceptions, education, assumptions, and your previous way of thinking about advertising at the door. After you have finished reading this guide, you can then pick them back up and re-integrate them if you wish.
But for now I need that big, blank, piece of paper … because I am going to teach you how the Wizard of Ads makes clients grow not just by percentages, but by Multiples!
Can you give me that big blank sheet?
Good! Let’s go.

“(The Reader) will take from my book what he can bring to it. The dull witted will get dullness and the brilliant may find things in my book I didn’t even know were there.”- John Steinbeck

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