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“As I continue in this business, (Advertising) I realize that clients do not want to know much about what they are buying. Worse, they will take ads and plans presented to them and retool them to their own tastes and vision—most of which is frighteningly off-base. They want magic beans and a big beanstalk overnight.” - Brett Feinstein -  (Partner - Pound, Feinstein & Associates, Inc.)

Each business is unique, just as each market is unique. Therefore, there is no “one size fits all” marketing or advertising plan. You cannot simply copy an ad that has worked for another business and expect it to work for you.

The heart and soul of your advertising should be everything that is uniquely and wonderfully you. Your company is much bigger and much more wonderful than price and item advertising. So put some effort into digging for the diamond. When you uncover the real you, you’ll have a treasure no competitor can steal.

At the beginning of this guide you determined how much of your current advertising is wasted. You now know how advertising really works. You have learned the principles of how the Wizard Partners grow their clients not just by percentages but by Multiples.

So what are you going to do differently?

Are you willing to take responsibility for your advertising success?

Will you book long-term or short-term?

Will you target Transactional or Relational shoppers?

Will you focus your ad budget and own a smaller group of people or will you try to reach everyone?

Will you dominate a media or spread your dollars everywhere?

Will you invest in the advantages of intrusive media (Radio and TV) with its power of echoic retention? Or will you spend your money in passive media? (Newspaper and Yellow Pages)

Will your business be the one potential customers think of first, and feel best about whenever they or any of their friends have a need for your product or service? Or will you train your customers to wait until your next sale?

The principles in this guide are the result of proven scientific research, twenty-five years of documented client growth, plus a few hundred million dollars of actual invested advertising dollars.

So do you have the commitment and courage to follow the Wizard of Ads principles? Or will you continue to test the waters, doing the same thing and hoping for a different result?

Will you run with the big dogs? Or will you stay on the porch?

The choice is yours.

“One should never attempt to launch a revolution with people who are contented with the status quo. Failure awaits any writer who attempts to create an exciting ad campaign for a company that is not committed to change.” - The Wizard 

The End?

No, you have just begun to climb. 

Visit this site regularly for new information to help keep you on track.

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