Media Dominance

The position owned by the advertiser with the greatest share of voice.

Never make the mistake of doing two things half-heartedly when you can do one thing wholeheartedly. Always dominate a medium.

If you cannot dominate all of radio, dominate a single station. If you cannot dominate a whole station, dominate a single daypart on that station. If you cannot dominate all of television, then dominate a single hour of the day. If you cannot dominate an hour, dominate a single TV show. Then when your business has grown, dominate a second and a third.

Never say, “We’ve already reached these people, now we need to reach some new ones.” Advertising is obliterated by sleep, the great eraser of the mind. Consequently people don’t stay reached anymore than the lawn stays mowed.

The key to media dominance is relentless repetition.

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