The Wizard of Ads

Turning Words into Magic And Dreamers into Millionaires

by Roy H. Williams


ISBN: 1885167296
Published May 1998 by Bard Press
224 pages
Award: 1998 Business Book of the Year

With the knowledge of a seasoned business consultant and the warmth and wit of a natural storyteller, the Wizard will help you to:
• multiply the effectiveness of your advertising
• understand the tug-of-war between intellect and emotion
• plant a mental trigger in the mind of your customer
• create totally new concepts from combinations of old ones
• see the opportunities around you
• avoid the danger of overchoice
• escape the need to advertise ‘Sale! Sale! Sale!’
• find the genius that hides within you
• receive the best others have to give
• focus your advertising, your business, and your life

Along the way, the Wizard will:
• share the power of encouragement
• talk to you about your Ruby Red Slippers
• make you understand how lucky you are
• show you how to avoid the mistakes that others have already made
• convince you of the need to rest