You Want to Double or Triple the Size of Your Business


Long-Term Partner Client

The Marketing & Advertising service that has been growing businesses by multiples for over 25 years.  


At Wizard of Ads we only make more money if we help grow your business. We work on a one time Uncovery + Strategy fee plus a flat monthly fee that is adjusted annually in line with the growth of your business.


Uncovery + Strategy

Between $7,500 and $20,000 (+GST) depending on your location, size of business and number of markets.

For Townsville businesses Uncovery + Strategy starts at $3,000 (+GST) due to no travel.

Monthly Implementation

The monthly fee depends on the type of services required. These fees fall between $1,500 to $6,000 (+GST) per month, for a 12-month agreement. Most small businesses tend to be around the $1,500 to $2,000 (+GST) per month first year. Again, it depends completely on the services needed.

Pay For Service

The only fees we receive, are from you, the business owner. Wizard of Ads does not accept payments or kickbacks from media suppliers or third party providers. Any discounts negotiated, we pass back to you. This discount in many cases will offset our fees.

At The End of 12-months, You Have The Option To…

1. Discontinue our relationship or…

2. Continue our relationship by paying the base implementation fee plus a percentage of gross sales over and above the previous year’s sales benchmark.

The decision is completely up to you.    

NOTE: All fees in Australian dollars. 10% GST to be added to all fees. Services & fees vary in the United States, Canada, Central America & United Kingdom. 

Grow Your Business Faster

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Businesses Under $2,000,000

Uncovery + Strategy

$7,500 + GST


Year 1 - $1,500

Year 2 - $2,000

Year 3 - $2,500

Year 4 - 2,500 + Tied to Growth

(Over $2 Million)

2,000,000 to 10,0000

Uncovery + Strategy

$7,500 + GST


Year 1 - $2,500 + Tied to Growth

Over $10,000,000

Uncovery + Strategy

$9,800 + GST