3 Ways to Create Free Time in Business

Do you want more free time? Then you must buy it. Free time is never free.

As a Business owner there are only three ways you can buy free time in business:

1. Work fewer hours. Learn to say no. You'll have more free time immediately.

Cost: Lost opportunities, reduced income.

2. Develop systems, methods and procedures that save time.

Cost: Time and money spent in developing those systems, methods and procedures.

3. Recruit, hire, train and manage other people to do your work for you.

Cost: Time and money spent in recruiting, hiring, training and managing.

Free time is never free.

Which option or options will you select?  

(By Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads @ MondayMorningMemo.com. To spend a day with Roy is a $7,500 investment plus travel time. Another option is to sign up for Wizard of Ads Live. At $1,440 for a one year license it is an amazing bargain. )