Booking Advertising is Like Making Tea

I love tea.
I drink 16 cups a day.
But today I have a dilemma!
I only have one tea bag.
I decided to spread my tea bag over the 16 cups.
One plop in the first cup.
A jiggle in the second.
Bungee jump into the third
Then bunny hops the tea bag across the last 13.
But do you think happened?
I was disappointed with the result.
Not one of the cups tasted like tea.
I wasted my tea bag! 

Your Ad Budget is like my tea bag.
Spread it across radio, TV, newspaper, 
Adwords, magazines, billboards, 
Facebook, flyers, Yellow Pages.
(You still dump money into Yellow Pages!)
You dilute your message. 
It fails.

Don’t dilute.

Pick one advertising medium you can dominate.
When you have enough money, add a second.
Concentrate. Don’t. Dilute.

I’m off to enjoy a cuppa 😃