New Must Read Book by Jeffrey & Bryan & Roy

Brand Like Amazon:
Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do it.

"We believe the duck billed platypus is proof that God has a sense of humor." - Ryan Deiss

My good mates and business partners, the brothers Eisenberg, Jeffrey and Bryan and Roy H. Williams, have written a new book; Brand Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do it.


The book is a conversation between two characters. Poobah, the wise business mentor. Sunshine, the young business owner with a problem. Poobah drives. Sunshine rides shotgun. We sit in the back to listen and learn.

So far there have been eleven chapters posted deep in the rabbit hole of the Monday Morning Memo. Next Monday the final chapter will be revealed. 

If you own a business or are a media professional who helps businesses, you need to read this book.

Below are some snippets
At the bottom of the page is a link where you can read the first 11 chapters.

The old man said, “These are the four stone pillars of Amazon.
ONE. Customer Centricity.
TWO. Continuous Optimization.
THREE. Culture of Innovation.
FOUR. Corporate Agility.
The old man continued. “The Four Pillars of Amazon accelerate each other to create a sort of flywheel that spins faster and faster with every innovation, every optimization and every movement toward greater customer centricity. But you’ve got to remain agile or you won’t be able to keep it going.”

“What keeps companies from being agile?”

“Bureaucracy. Arrogance. Fear of making a mistake. If even one of those creeps in, you no longer have corporate agility.”
“A brand isn’t what you say about yourself, Sunshine. Your brand is built on your actions. Your performance. And the performance of your products.
“Sunshine, if you truly make the customer the center and the beginning of every initiative, you can hardwire that mentality into your company culture. Mission statements and slogans don’t change what people believe, because most people aren’t listening to what you say. They’re watching to see what you do.”
“Both men started laughing. A fart rang out like a rifle shot. Now they were gasping for air with tear-filled eyes. The old man stood up, walked out, looked up and laughed into the sky until he regained his composure. The barista and the window waitress watched with amusement from behind the counter as the younger man laughed face-down on the tabletop.”
“Sunshine, when you
care about your customers and
care about your employees and
care about your suppliers and
care about your investors,
you can build a rocket ship while you’re flying it.”

“Is caring the fuel that lets you fly?”
“Caring is the fuel.”
The younger man spoke a sudden realization. “Continuous optimization is a by-product of caring.”
The old man nodded. “When you really care, you never quit trying to make things better.”

Brand Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do it, is destined to become a best-seller and a classic like The Richest Man in Babylon. A bold statement you say!

Jeffrey and Bryan and Roy, have already written seven best-selling business books between them. This book I think has even more mass appeal.

So make yourself a coffee or pour a whisky or wine.
Beer works too. Put your feet up and enjoy.

Read the first 11 chapters here.

PS The book will be released soon.

Until next week
Work hard. Have fun.

Craig Arthur
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