Follow Up To Increase Sales

We did a secret competitor shop for a client. 

This was part of our Uncovery / Strategy process.

The main thing we learned from the competition?

Of the dozen competitors we visited, NOT A SINGLE ONE, bothered to follow up a quote after sending through. A couple didn’t even send through a quote! 

Part of our client strategy recommendation included a process for following up quotes. 

Our client prior to this process was converting 1 in every 5 quotes. After implementing the follow up process, the client now converts 3.5 in every 5. 

Customers want what you sell. They have your quote. 

So follow up. Help customers get what they want. 

A follow up process is a simple, cost-effective way to increase sales. 

But very few businesses actually do it.

Do you?

(Adapted from "How quickly do you follow up quotes?" by Wizard of Ads Partner, Sarah Ripley. Sarah specializes in growing businesses without advertising.)