Give Your Customers a Positive Last Mental Image (LMI)


I never ask the graduates of Wizard Academy, 
“What could we have done differently? 
How might we improve?” 

To do so would be to ask them to search their memories for disappointing moments.
These are not the images I want to cement in their minds. 

Instead, I ask, “What was your favorite moment during your time with us?”

This causes the students to recall each of the high-impact moments during their time on campus and relive those moments in their mind. 

It doesn’t matter what they choose as their favorite, I just want to flood their minds with happy memories.

These memories will remain after the rest have gone.
It is important to control the Last Mental Image (LMI.) 

What procedures do you use to make sure your customer has a positive LMI of their experience with your business?

Original article by Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads
Adapted by Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Australia