How to Deliver Your BIG Idea

1. Today’s reader is riddled with information hitting us from every side.

2. Traditional and online media assault our senses to the point of sensory shutdown.

3. Consequently, today’s reader is strongly attracted to numbered lists.

4. A numbered list promises a starting point, a conclusion, and milestones along the way.

5. A numbered list contains the fewest possible words.

6. A numbered list feels memorable, portable and doable.

7. A reader who would have glanced at your headline and then moved on will often give your message a second look when they see a numbered list.

8. Information in paragraphs feels casual and intimate.

9. Information in a numbered list feels authoritative and useful.

SUMMARY: When you need to present a big idea, develop a numbered list. Your information will be easier to follow, appear more credible and trigger a clearly measurable response.

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