Never Cut Back on Customer Experience

Save money in as many areas as you can to help improve your bottom line… but NEVER attempt to cut back any area that involves or touches your customer experience.

“Hotel chains face tremendous costs to upgrade their properties, but if they don’t, they face the slow erosion of customers. Kmart’s neglect of its stores made the company look and feel outdated and cheap, and fall out of favour with customers and Wall Street. - Habit: The 95% of Behavior Marketers Ignore by Dr Neale Martin 

Customer experience erosion happens when you...

* stop training your employees

* cut back on staff who deal with customers 

* fail to refresh your showroom, store display, waiting area, signage

* cut the quality of your products or services

* treat customer experience as an expense 

Short-term you save money.

But customers take note and leave. 

Long-term you lose your business.

 (By Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Australia.)