One Step Selling is Like Asking a Stranger For Sex

Some will say yes, but most will be offended.

One Step Selling tries to speed up the selling process.

It is the dated sales tactic of asking a stranger to buy your product or service at first contact.

One Step Selling

1. Is seller focused

2. Is about making a quick sale

One Step Selling Fails to Consider

1. Product purchase cycle

2. Ongoing customer relationship

Popular Ways to Implement

1.  Hire an overseas call centre to interrupt people at dinnertime

2.  Hire salespeople to door knock homes


1. Easy to implement

2. Instant results


1. It’s an invasion of people’s privacy

2. It pisses off the bulk of people

3. It creates negative feelings about your business

4. It damages your brand and reputation

One Step Selling gives you short-term gain but long-term pain. 

It's not recommended.

(By Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Partner, Australia)