One Thing Makes Your Ads Memorable

Customers don’t need to know every reason you’re better and different and cheaper and longer lasting in your ads.

They just need to hear one thing.

That’s all you need to communicate

Here's why.

Your brain works in a funny way.

You process the presented information with the left side of your brain.

The left side is emotionless. It gets tired from sorting and analysis. It goes to sleep, resets and forgets most of what it learned that day. 

Persuasion happens in the right side of your brain, your imagination. It longs for thrill rides, stories and mystery. And it never goes to sleep.

If you tell every single detail in your ad, the customer's imagination never activates. 

So, one thing in each ad.

Your customers will assume that everything else is just as amazing and interesting as the one thing you talked about.

They’ll contact you.

You’ll sell more.

Adapted from The One Reason No One Remembers Your Ads
Original article by Wizard of Ads Partner, Peter Nevland @ Strategy Wizards
Adapted by Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Australia