Should We Stay on the Same Station Week After Week?

The short answer is Yes, we want to keep reaching the same listener over and over, long-term.

Don’t abandon one to move to another. I know it seems like common sense would tell us: “Once we’ve reached these folks, wouldn’t it make sense to move on and reach some new ones?”

But people stay reached like a lawn stays mowed. Our goal in long-term advertising isn’t just to reach a listener, but to turn that listener into an evangelist. This requires an astounding amount of repetition.

To achieve our goal of becoming a household name like Starbucks, we’ve got to reach whomever we reach relentlessly.

The average person has about 250 people in their “realm of association.” We have to absolutely OWN a listener if we’re going to turn him/her into an evangelist for our brand.

(By Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads @