Six Steps to Authentic Conversational Ads

Step 1. Collect a list of questions customers typically ask you

Step 2. Create a bullet list of proven answers you give them

Step 3. Put the list away for a few days and schedule a recording session

Step 4. Without reviewing them, give your questions to the interviewer

Step 5. Record the conversation (NO headphones—trust me on this one)

Step 6. Edit your answers into a logical sequence, omitting the interviewer

Step 5 is key. The interviewer’s job goes beyond reading questions. You want a surrogate customer who probes and asks questions. Look them in the eye. Speak as you would to a customer. Chances are, if the interviewer is persuaded, the listener will be too.

Your finished ad may not sound professional and polished. That’s good. No, it’s REALLY good. Because so many ads sounds contrived and homogenized, you’ll stand out by merely being yourself.

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