What To Do When You Make a Mistake With a Customer

 No business or person is perfect.

We all make mistakes.

 It's how you respond and fix a mistake that defines you and your business.

Most businesses and people hide when mistakes are made. They offer excuses if found out. They blame everyone but themselves.

This approach creates unhappy customers and bad word of mouth.

When mistakes are made, great businesses follow a 4-step process.

  1. Admit the mistake. Quickly.
  2. Tell the truth. This is what happened. This is what should have happened. No blame game. No excuses.
  3. Fix the mistake. Fast. No ifs, buts or maybes.
  4. Give delight. A small gift. A thank you note. An unexpected pleasant gesture.

Follow the 4 steps and you'll turn mistakes into positives.

You'll create happy customers and positive word of mouth.

Plus, you'll sleep better.

(By Wizard Partner, Craig Arthur)