Every Minute of 15 Years

Since the year 2000, the cognoscenti of the Magical Worlds Communications Workshop have happily endured the fanfare and pageantry of my 3-day explanation of Third Gravitating Bodies. It remains the most highly attended class at Wizard Academy.

For the uninitiated, a Third Gravitating Body with a high degree of divergence and an explicit moment of convergence is the single common characteristic shared by every mass-appeal success.

Every one of them. No third gravitating body, no mass-appeal success.

Third Gravitating Bodies make good things GREAT.

And that’s the reason they’re so rarely discovered.
1. You’ve created something that’s obviously good.
2. Why would you risk adding something that doesn’t belong?

A Third Gravitating Body is an element that doesn’t belong, but fits.

When Francis Bacon said, “There is no excellent beauty that hath not some strangeness in the proportion,” the strangeness to which he referred was a Third Gravitating Body.

Thou Shalt Not Argue with Francis Bacon.*

The importance of Third Gravitating Bodies was demonstrated by Henri Poincare in 1887 when he used them to mathematically answer the nagging question of King Oscar II of Sweden, who for some weird reason felt he just had to know, “Is the solar system stable?”

Here’s what I wrote about Third Gravitating Bodies in 2002.

Here’s what a Cognoscenti of Magical Worlds wrote about them in 2006.

Here’s what I wrote about them in 2012.

But now, finally, after 15 years, I’ve figured out how to logically explain Third Gravitating Bodies in a single, highly condensed hour-long webinar.

That magical hour will happen on Saturday Morning, April 4th, 2015. But due to the vagaries of Kickstarter, you’re going to have to pull the ripcord that opens your parachute before January 7th.

If you want a detailed explanation of what will be happening and why, here’s some additional information.

But if you’re a riverboat gambler with half a Franklin – or if you just inexplicably trust me – I believe you’ll be delightfully entertained, confused and titillated by this strange and unusual page on Kickstarter.

And thus another adventure begins.

Roy H. Williams