How to Humanize Your Website

The problem with most websites is that they’re built inside out.

It’s an easy trap to fall into, almost inevitable, in fact.
You’re on the inside of your company, looking out at your customer.

She’s on the outside, looking in.

Your website is built from your perspective, not hers. But let’s be fair: your website tells her everything she needs to know to make an informed decision, right? And who knows better than you? After all, you’re the expert.

See how easy it is to build an “inside out” website?

The effectiveness of Search Engine Optimization in 2014 depends on how well you anticipate and answer your customer’s questions; not the questions you feel she ought to be asking, but the ones she’s actuallygot in mind.

Not only does SEO improve when your website is built “outside in,” but your Conversion Rate – the metric that measures the percentage of shoppers who become buyers – also takes a happy jump upward.

The payoffs of an “outside in” website are big.
And it’s much easier to accomplish than you think.

Buyer Legends is everything you need to know, packed into 20 short pages.

A handful of companies were given advance copies. Here’s a sample of what they’re saying:

“Before reading this book I had already created some very successful online companies over the last 18 years. Most online business owners find that growth and forward progress become harder to achieve when you have become expert in every aspect of your company. Once you’ve reached that level, the definition of a ‘successful year’ typically means that you’ve maintained the profitability of the year before, or it could mean that you had an increase of 5%.

Well, let me tell you that after only a few hours of going over the contents of this book, I was able to increase my sales volume by over 46%. This massive increase in sales and profits took only 3 weeks to implement. As a skeptic myself, I hesitated to provide the actual amount of my business increase for fear that it would look suspicious.

As I stated, an increase of only 5% would have made my year a fantastic success, but the results I achieved from the information in this book are breathtaking.”

By the way, I can vouch for the truth of that testimonial because it was written by someone who met Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg at Wizard Academy 5 months ago and got an advance copy of Buyer Legendsat that time. So when he says “already successful,” you need to understand that he was already doing a few million dollars per year in net profits. Now, after implementing Buyer Legends, “Up 46%.”

My favorite testimonial, though, is from someone I’ve not yet met:

“Having worked first hand with the Eisenbergs on mapping our customers’ critical paths and creating scenario narratives, I can confidently say the Buyer Legends process works. My team’s focus at Google is on acquiring SMB advertising clients. And if you’ve ever worked with these types of businesses, you know there is huge diversity through the spectrum of small and medium businesses. We’d miss opportunities and gaps by over-aggregating (i.e. taking too high level a view) though often the challenge was in effectively communicating our insights. The Buyer Legends framework allowed us to more effectively focus our efforts, improving the bottom line. And equally important, to make a more compelling case for change with our marketing, engineering and product colleagues.”

Paul Jeszenszky,
Head of Global B2B Digital Marketing Center of Excellence, Google

This 20-page downloadable eBook is only three bucks at and it will open on any device.

Seriously, do you need me to say more?

Roy H. Williams

Pulitzer-nominated Dean Rotbart – investigative reporter extraordinaire – goes deep into Buyer Legends with the Eisenberg brothers at  You’re going to want to hear this. And then click the female window shopper at the top of this page and meet me in the rabbit hole. – Indiana Beagle

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