Simple, But Not Easy

There is, to my knowledge, only one way to profitably put the power of the internet to work for you.

It’s simple; just give people what they want.

But first you have to know what they want.

Let me help you with that.
(1.) They want answers, and
(2.) they want entertainment.

But the answers they seek aren’t usually about your product or service. The answers they seek are solutions to their problems.

You must speak directly to the felt need.

If you would win the attention of the people, give them the answers they seek.

If you would win the attention of the giants, learn to speak their language.

Do you understand Natural Language Processing, that algorithmic logic in the binary minds of Google and YouTube and all the other giants in the land? Learn to speak this language and the internet will become your trumpet.

We’re always ready to be distracted by something delightful.

Entertain us and we’ll give you our attention. Make us feel good and we’ll consider you our friend. Stand for something we believe in and we’ll give you our support. Make a difference and we’ll tell our friends about you. Give us happy thoughts to think and we’ll allow you to guide our minds.

Win the heart and the mind will follow. The mind can easily find logic to justify what the heart has already decided.

Entertainment is the only currency with which you can purchase the time and attention of a too-busy public. This is the essence of customer bonding.

If you talk about yourself and why your solution is better than your competitors’, the only people who notice will be your competitors. But if you deliver a thrill of pleasure, the public will gather at your feet.

Two young men sat through all the classes at Wizard Academy and learned how to use the life-changing tools of answers and entertainment.

And with those tools firmly in hand, they wandered into the untamed wilderness of the internet exactly two years ago. They had no money to spend. None. But they had knowledge and time and energy.

They chose to use their tools on YouTube. They could just as easily have chosen one of the other social media platforms, or they could simply have created a blog.

The power is not in the platform. The power is in the answers and in the entertainment.

They decided not to allow advertisers to attach ads to their daily YouTube show. This means they would receive no revenue from advertising, but it also means no false metrics created by click farms.

Two years later, their worldwide audience is spending an average of 457,000 minutes a day watching their show. That’s more “viewing minutes” per day than are contained in 317 twenty-four-hour days. In a couple more months they’ll be receiving more than one year’s viewing time each day.

Needless to say, they have become extremely influential in their chosen field and money is raining down on them like confetti in a ticker-tape parade.

And they’ve not yet spent a penny on advertising.

Roy H. Williams