The After-Success Mistake You Make

Every successful person has a blind spot.

Here’s what often happens:

  1. You have a unique approach, a particular process, or a special emphasis.
  2. It separates you from your competitors.
  3. Your commitment to it makes you successful.

So far, so good. You found a way to be different and it made you a success!

But now your hockey-stick growth has begun to flatten out and level off.

You’ve obviously reached a plateau.

How do you get to the next level?

Most people double-down on the thing that brought them success.

That’s when it happens: Blind Spot Blowback.

The thing that made you a success will rarely take you to the next level.

I’m not suggesting you abandon it. That would be stupid. You’ve got to maintain what you’ve begun.

But that’s easy. You like doing it. It comes to you naturally. That’s why you feel good about pressing the accelerator even further.

But your business did not quit accelerating because you failed to press the gas pedal hard enough.

Your business quit accelerating because it’s time to shift into second gear.

Your first innovation shot you like a rocket off the starting line. You were shoved back into your seat by the g-force of your acceleration. The crowd went wild.

And then things began to level off.

Second gear, idiot! Second gear!

But few people ever find second gear.

They believe in first gear. First gear works for them. First gear is where they feel comfortable. Second gear seems counter-intuitive. They’re not sure second gear would be the right thing for them.

They want someone to help them get more speed out of first gear.

Your business doesn’t have an automatic transmission.
You’ve got to press the clutch and move the lever.
Only then can you press the pedal again.

And someday, if you’re lucky,
you’ll get to do this
all over again
at a much

Are you lucky?

Roy H. Williams