Time and Money are Interchangeable

Time and Money are interchangeable.
We can always save one by spending more of the other.

Time and Money are interchangeable.
We prize the one we feel to be in short supply.

Time and Money are interchangeable.
We burn them both like the wax of a candle.

What is patience if not the quiet, dark burning of time?
What is entertainment if not the dazzling, bright burning of time?
What is play if not the warm, happy burning of time?
What is freedom if not the ability to burn time in any way we choose?

Do you want to attract influential people to your business?
Patiently offer them entertainment, play and freedom.
They will be attracted to your light
and come back with their friends.

This is why an innovative marketing school teaches people how to become whiskey sommeliers.*

Influential people are obligated to make money.
Money, for them, is a representative product of work.
What they seek is freedom, entertainment and play.
What they seek is a pleasant way to spend time.

Aristotle Onassis understood this.

Ari was a 17 year-old Greek refugee who fled to Buenos Aires where he began working as a telephone operator in 1923. He would soon become one of the wealthiest men in the world. This, in his own words, was his secret:

Make sure you are tanned, live in expensive buildings, even if you have to stay in the cellar, go out to expensive restaurants, even if you can only afford one drink.

Ari spent the money he made as a telephone operator on quality clothes, a tanning lamp and a single drink each night in the swankiest bar in Buenos Aires. Within a few months, he had become friends with all the important people of that city. And with their help, he began a tobacco importing business that made him, and them, a fortune.

That’s when he began buying ships.

Having learned that the Canadian National Steamship Company wanted to sell 2 ships at scrap metal prices, Ari left immediately for Canada and convinced that company to sell him not just 2, but 6 ships for $20,000 each. Within a few years Ari had amassed the world’s largest privately owned shipping fleet and became one of the world’s richest and most famous men.

Seventeen year-old Aristotle Onassis instinctively knew that freedom, entertainment and play were the only things that influential people really desire. He connected with them, not through work, but through play.

Ari became successful, not because he knew how to spend money, but because he knew how to spend time when time was his only asset.

If you don’t have all the money you desire, I have but a single question for you:

How are you spending your time?

Roy H. Williams

* Sept. 19-10 – A whiskey sommelier is an enchanted storyteller who takes people to places they’ve never been. Equipped with the miraculous smells and flavors of the times and places they describe, a whiskey sommelier is the chairman of a conversation club whose elite members are gathered by invitation only. If you want to attract upscale clients and customers, become a whisky sommelier and host a weekly gathering at the place of your choosing. REMEMBER: People are most comfortable doing business with people they like. 1. Be likeable. 2. Don’t be anxious. 3. Be patient. Don’t be counted among those grasping little beggars always trying to slip a hand into the pockets of the wealthy. – Indy