3 Reasons Why You Should be Blogging

1. You Create Authority and Credibility

By consistently posting relevant articles you are seen as an authority who knows their stuff in your industry. 

2. You Deepen Customer Relationships

Blog readers are human. They like to do business with people who have a personality. 

If you write with the idea of being relatable (being yourself), you build trust. Building trust helps you deepen the relationship with your customers, or potential customers, so they feel more comfortable doing business with you.

3. You Increase Website Traffic

Search engines love content. Period.

The more consistently you post to your blog with information people actually care about, the more likely search engines, such as Google, will start displaying your blog on their result pages. As your blog increases in search ranking, the more traffic you have lapping-up your blog.

More traffic + great content = more business.

(Adapted from the article "What's the purpose of a business blog?" by Wizard of Ads Partners Dave Young and Paul Boomer. Dave and Paul are co-founders of Shortcut Blogging, a service created to help time-starved business owners, leaders and experts share their wisdom via blogging and podcasting. Plan An Entire Year Of Blog Content - FREE! Click Here to Start Planning Now!)