3 Tips To Make Your Ads Sound More Authentic

1. Stop Using Clichés. Clichés are commercial killers. Nothing will make a listener, or viewer tune out faster than cramming your ads with a bunch of overused, predictable, and unoriginal phrases. Clichés are empty promises that you’ll never, EVER be able to keep.

2. Be Transparent. Your customers appreciate honesty.  You screwed up? Admit it.  You’ve changed some important company policies? Promote them.  You and your employees share a certain set of values. Celebrate them!

WARNING: It can’t be faked. It HAS to be real.

3. Back up what you promise. Are you keeping your word? Do you do what your ads say you do? If you’re gonna say it, you gotta play it. What about your team? Are your employees aware of the promises made in your marketing campaign? If not, how will they ever know if they’re breaking them?

(Read original article 3 Tips To Make Your Ads Sound More Authentic by Ryan Patrick Wizard of Ads Partner @ Ryan-Patrick.com)