There Are Three Types of Visitors Who Can Come to Your Website

Buyers. You know who they are because they converted to a sale or lead.

Potential buyers. These are visitors who are in the market for what you offer, but for any number of possible reasons, don’t buy. (This is where the untapped gold lies.)

Disqualified traffic. These are visitors who wouldn’t buy no matter what (maybe they arrived to your website by accident).

On a typical website, 3 percent of visitors are buyers and the other 97 percent is distributed among the potential buyers and disqualified traffic.

To increase sales you need to answer these questions.

Of your non-buyers, what percent are potential buyers?

And how can you increase those?

Are you making your value proposition clear?

Do they understand the benefits of your offer?

Are they concerned over risks?

Have you earned or lost their trust?

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