5 Ways to Make Your Advertising Work

Get the attention of people with words and phrases that are new, surprising and different. Choose points-of-view and scenarios that will resonate with them.

Offer people what they want to buy (instead of trying to convince them to buy what you’d like to sell.)

Support your claims with examples that agree with the experiences of your prospective customers.

Target people through your ad copy, not your media selection. It’s what you say that counts, not where you say it.

Reach as many people as your budget will let you reach repetitiously, regardless of their age, sex, or income bracket. The wrong people become the ‘right people’ or pass on your message (word of mouth) to the ‘right people’ when you say the right thing.Do these 5 things and you will be amazed at how many different people suddenly become ‘your customer.'

(By Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads @ MondayMorningMemo.com)