Don't Make Your Customers 'Submit'


You want your website visitors to contact you or sign up for your newsletter or fill in a form or buy from you. So you ask them for information and then at the bottom you place a big bold button with the word "SUBMIT." 

Submit, is a word with heavy baggage, negative emotions and negative mental images. 

Here is the definition of 'submit' according to Apple's dictionary.

submit: verb
the countess had submitted under duress | you are submitting to male domination: give in, yield, give way, back down, cave in, bow, capitulate, relent, defer, agree, consent, accede, conform, acquiesce, comply, accept; surrender, lay down one’s arms, raise/show/wave the white flag, knuckle under, humble oneself, bend the knee, kowtow, fall; informal throw in the towel/sponge. ANTONYMS  defy.

You spend time and money to attract visitors to your website. Your choice of words can either help you bond with visitors or repel them. Submit, is a word that repels. 

Intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, words are the most powerful force there has ever been. Learn to harness their energy and they will richly reward you with happiness, wealth and honor beyond your dreams.
— Roy H. Williams

Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg at Buyer Legends show how best to bond with potential customers on their 'Contact Us' form. Instead of 'Submit' they use 'Please Get Back To Me.' See below.

You'll also notice under 'Please Get Back To Me', Jeffrey and Bryan tell you what to expect once you click the button. If you send between office hours they'll be back to you within the hour. Wow. Impressive.

So kick 'submit' to the curb and replace it with positive words and action verbs like place, get, send, subscribe and book.


  • Place My Order
  • Get My Quote
  • Send My Free PDF
  • Please Get Back To Me
  • Subscribe Me
  • Please Subscribe Me
  • Book Now
  • Book My Accommodation
  • Please Email Me

Small changes to the customer experience on your website add up to make a significant impact. 

Changing 'submit' to a more positive word or phrase is one such small change.

Until next week
Work hard. Have fun.

Craig Arthur
Wizard of Ads Australia
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