It's Not What You Pay Your Staff, It's What They Can Cost You


Two Customer Experiences

Delight @ Angelina's Fine Food in Annandale Central

I ordered a coffee.
Tall. Cappuccino. Half strength. Made with lactose-free milk.
I know. I'm precious. :-)
At my table, I opened my laptop and started writing.
"Excuse me. Don't you have lactose free milk?"
Standing in front of me was Shanelle, the barista. 


Shanelle realised my order had no mention of lactose-free.
Shanelle cared enough to walk from behind the counter and ask me if the order was correct. Disaster prevented. Me very happy.
I regularly visit Angelina's. But have never said anything more than hello, goodbye and my order. So I was surprised how Shanelle remembered my coffee preference. 
Shanelle cares about her customers.
She uses her initiative.
It shows by the packed tables.
I'll visit more.

Shanelle provides a positive personal experience for customers.

Shanelle adds massive value to the business.

Every business needs a Shanelle!

PS. Shanelle gave me permission to take and use this photo.

Disappointment @ a Shop I Will Not Mention by Name

"Buy it online," were the last words the young shop assistant said to me.
Two weeks earlier, I was in the same store. I told a different sales person about a product I couldn't find in their shop. I explained I didn't need it today but would need it in a few weeks.
The sales person listened. She told me they didn't have the product in stock, but they could get it in for me. She pulled up the supplier's website and said, "Here's what you need, and it's cheaper than the other options. We can get it here for you in a couple of days at the same price as the online price."
Great. Brilliant service. I said I'd be back to order.
Two weeks later I was back to hand over my money. 
Greeted by a different assistant, I walked out disappointed.

What happened?

I experienced a complete lack of enthusiasm. A blank look when I explained what I wanted. Indifference when I showed a photo of the product on the website. I was told it would cost the business the same as me to buy online. So the solution offered, "Buy it online."
I went home disappointed and did buy online.

A Customer Centric business would,

  • train all staff the same,
  • allow them to show initiative, 
  • get products in for customers, 
  • at the same price as online,
  • even if they didn't make any money on the sale.

By doing so they would keep customers coming back, to buy stuff they do have in stock.

Instead, I was being trained to buy online at home.

This staff member is costing the business everyday.

Both experiences were little things.
However, when it comes to customer experience, little things add up.
So remember, it's not what you pay your staff, it's what they can cost you that matters.

Until next week
Work hard. Have fun.

Craig Arthur
Wizard of Ads Australia
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