Increase the Power of Your Ads With Magical Realism

The power of an ad is increased when you add detail easily imagined by the listener.

You fill your garage with it. You walk around it, step over it, put it into closets and cram it in the attic. It’s been there so long you don’t see it anymore. Bottom Line: You’ve got junk. We can help with that! Call 1–800-Got-Junk. Life is happier when it’s less cluttered. Your house will be bigger. Your teeth will be whiter. Angels will sing. You’ll be a better dancer. Go to 1–800-Got and prepare to be amazed. (Shortened version)

If you exaggerate just a little you’ll get caught. People will know you’re lying. But promise a thing that’s utterly impossible and there’s a piece of every listener that will believe you. 

The writing style is called Magical Realism. 

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