Make Sure You Design a Positive Last Impression

I went to a restaurant called Alley Cat. This is the last impression I had before leaving the restaurant, and by golly it was cool.

Alley Cat Box.jpg

The box contained a magnifying glass (good for older customers), calculator (good for groups splitting the bill), the bill and lollies (an unexpected bonus).

This was a unique and fun way to give the bill and it totally blew my socks off. 

This last gesture created a much bigger lasting impression than the food, service and atmosphere did.

Traditionally the bill signifies the end of the transaction, which is often where businesses let their guard down, and feel their responsibility to their customer finishes.

Alley Cat uses the bill presentation as another chance to impress.

Positive last impressions create word of mouth, happy customers and repeat business.

Does your business leave a positive last impression?  

(Adapted from  "It’s the little things that count…" by Wizard of Ads Partner Sarah Ripley. Sarah is currently based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and specialises in Customer Delight and Customer Retention.)