How Many Points Per Ad?

There’s a symbolic story about a copywriter.

His client wanted to discuss 13 points to include in their ad.

The copywriter pulls out a board that’s been turned into a bed of nails — a prop that grabs every eye in the room. 

He then takes a frypan and slams it down onto the bed of nails. Lift­ing the frypan up, he shows everyone the dim­ples. 

Then writer-boy produces a board fea­tur­ing a sin­gle, impos­ing spike potrud­ing from it. He slams the fry pan down, forc­ing the spike clean through it, cre­at­ing a half-inch hole big enough to stare through. 

At this point, our intre­pid copy­writer says, “Now, how many points do you want in your ad?”

As it is with ads, so it is with campaigns: one point, goal, or objective per campaign is always best.

(Adapted from the article "Effective Advertising" by Wizard of Ads Partner, Jeff Sexton. Jeff is available for speaking and consulting.)