Tim's Thing & Media Should be Your Last Consideration When Building a Business

When building a business, until you know your Goals & Values, you cannot come up with a strategic plan.

Tim's Thing... 

Tim's Thing... 

Your strategic plan – based on those goals and values – dictates how you treat the customer (including your most important customers – your employees).

Your values, your goals, your plan, and your customer experience determine your message.

Finally, then and only then, once you’ve got a solid foundation of values, goals, a strategic plan, a delightful customer experience, and a strong message, should you begin thinking about choosing media.

A business built upon a solid foundation, is a business built for success.

Media simply amplifies that success.

(Adapted from "So, Here’s The Thing*…" by Wizard of Ads partner Tim Miles. Tim is currently documenting the foundations to success process (which he currently calls 'The Thing') and needs your help to name it. You can read the full story and watch the video here. At the end you can submit your name for 'The Thing'. The prize is an iPad Mini. Or bacon. Or stuff.)