Use GLUE to Make Your Customers Stick

Disney’s “cast members” use a two-step process to create a memorable experience for customers. 

1) Determine customer expectation. 

2) Find a way to take it just one notch higher. Or, as Walt himself said, “plus it up.”

Disney adds surprise and delight to the customer experience.

Disney calls it GLUE: Give Little Unexpected Extras.

Whether a purchase is big or little, the magic of customer delight comes from little extras. Delivering them is a simple matter of including GLUE in every experience.

GLUE is not part of the exchange of money for service or product. 

Add GLUE before and it simply becomes an expected part of the transaction.

Never use GLUE in your advertising. It takes away the surprise and delight.

GLUE creates repeat customers and word of mouth.

Budget for GLUE in your marketing. 

Where do you put the GLUE in your business? 

(Adapted from, "Delight your customers by covering them with GLUE" by Wizard of Ads Partner Charlie Moger. On an AWESOME scale of 1 to 10, Charlie is a 10, plus one notch higher. Add GLUE to your business. Hire Charlie to help you get it right.)