Stop Your Ad Spend From Becoming Obese

If you don’t have a budget and a plan your ad spend will blow out due to persuasive ad reps.

You spend a little here… a little there… a discounted radio package pops up, a newspaper lift-out (all your competitors are in it… you don’t want to miss out), a TV run of station deal… little by little your wallet is emptied and your ad spend becomes obese.

To rub salt in the wound, all this disjointed media buying produces little if any return.

Here’s how to keep your ad spend trim.

  1. Calculate how much you can invest in 12-months
  2. Determine the media that will give the highest and best use of your money
  3. Book that media
  4. Say NO to all the ad reps who knock on your door for the next 12-months 

(By Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Partner @ WizardOfAdsAustralia)