How to Write Persuasive Ads

Get to the point. It is better to tell one idea well, than to tell ten badly. Are you trying to put too much into your message?  Try to strip all the information bare and find the strongest message, so you can tell that story well.

Avoid commercial speak. My rule is simple - write the way you speak.

Delete clinical words. Clinical words are are cold, generic or overused… words like ‘entertainment’, ‘convenient’, ‘quality’.

Use short sentences. Short sentences can carry a massive amount of impact.

Write for the customer. Don’t get trapped into writing about you. Write about how you can help the customer.

Back up your claims of greatness. Being ‘great’ or ‘the best’ even ‘better than the rest’ are now advertising clichés. Don’t make a claim if you can’t back it up with proof.

( By Sonya Winterbotham, Wizard of Ads Partner @ WizardOfAdsAustralia)