The Key Elements of Landing Pages

After optimizing thousands of landing pages, I want to offer this framework for understanding the key elements of a landing page.

The visitor needs to identify who they are potentially doing business with. Place your logo upper part of page (left mostly).

Once the visitor knows who you are, they need to figure out why they should do business with you. You should communicate this in a simple statement.

Your headline should reinforce the scent from the ad that delivered your visitor to the page.

Your offer must be clear and concise.

Provide supportive copy on how your offer will benefit your visitor.

Calls to action should stand out.

The visitor should always know what is the next step they should take.

Use testimonials, customer reviews, and point-of-action assurances near your call to action.

All pages should have contact information and privacy policies.

(Read original article Anatomy of a Landing Page: Design Elements Exposed by Bryan Eisenberg, Wizard of Ads Partner at