Web Strategy in a Nutshell

Your website must…

1. Be findable in search engines

2. Have persuasive copy

3. Be designed for easy conversion

The non-SEO solution for Search Optimization

Write your copy in the language of your customers. Talk about what’s important to your customers. Do this and your organic search results will do well. One of the best ways to start getting good organic search results for this type of traffic is content marketing or blogging.


Persuasive copy helps you convert more traffic. But not all of your visitors are persuaded by the same information. They have different values, needs and levels of patience. You need to address all.


Have you made it easy for your visitors to do what you desire them to do on your site? Do you have strong and easily understood calls to action?

The above is simple… but not easy.

(By Dave Young, Wizard of Ads Partner at ShortCutBlogging.com)