Want More Customers? Ask Different Questions.

Classic marketing revolves around the question, “Who is your customer?”

The client was doing 3.5 million in annual sales.  His sales were good, but flat.

Who was his customer? Young males.

Classic marketing would look at increasing ad spend to reach more young males.

We took a different approach.

We asked different questions instead.

          1. Who isn’t coming to you?

          2. Why are these people not coming to you?

          3. Are you prepared to broaden your message to appeal to these people?

The answers to these questions gave us three new customer segments to help.

We adjusted our message to talk to these new potential customers.

The first year with a 20% decrease in ad spend, sales increased by $952,000.

Sometimes for growth to happen, you need to start asking different questions. 

(By Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Australia)