Where Do You Get Your Marketing Advice?

Your phone rings. 

It's the local Prozac drug rep wanting to meet you.

You’re busy.

He’s persistent.

You agree to meet.

At the meeting, the rep tells you the benefits of Prozac.

His advice?

"Prozac is just what you need."

A discounted deal is offered.

You buy and take the drug.

But did you really need Prozac?

Should you even take medical advice from a drug rep selling Prozac?

No. Of course not.

If you feel unwell, you visit your doctor.

She is the one who gives you trusted medical advice. 

Your doctor is your safeguard.

When it comes to marketing advice for your business, your marketing consultant is your safeguard.

Where do you currently get your marketing advice?


By Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Australia