Writing Copy For Your Website


It's NOT the same as writing for print or direct marketing.

For your website copy to persuade and convert visitors, you need a good online copywriter.

So what are the qualities to look for in a good online copywriter?

Good online copywriters:

  • Examine things from multiple and unusual perspectives.

  • Comprehend new subjects quickly and thoroughly.

  • Relate to and understand different audiences.

  • Learn about a subject or audience by listening.

  • Communicate simply. Take complex and technical subject matter and explain it in clear concise language.

  • Understand hyperlinks, persuasive momentum, and writing for search engines.

  • Meet deadlines. Period.

  • Follow directions.

  • Use consistent voice and personality throughout the copy.

  • Manage the client’s expectations and explain when the client is wrong. And why.

  • Edit their own work without emotional attachment.

So when you find a good online copywriter, don’t even think of playing penny wise and pound foolish.

Adapted from the article What Makes a Good Online Copywriter
By Wizard Partner, Bryan Eisenberg 
Adapted by Craig Arthur, Wizard of Ads Australia