10 Things Never to Do in Your Advertising: Number 3

Never include your name in an ad more often than it would be spoken in normal conversation. 

Cramming your name where it doesn’t belong is AdSpeak. 

Back when we encountered one thirtieth as many ads each day, the rule was to repeat the name of the advertiser as often as possible. 

          “Gee Mary-Jane where did you get that dress?”

          “At Dress for Less”

          “Dress for Less?

          “Yes Dress for Less.”

          “Is Dress for Less open on Weekends?”

          "Dress for Less is open 7 days a week and..." 

Do this today and your ads will sound like they were written in the 1940s.

(Adapted from an article by Roy H. Williams, the Wizard of Ads. Roy teaches the art of persuasion at Wizard Academy, a non-traditional business school... a school for the imaginative, the courageous and the ambitious. You should visit.)

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc