How to Create Ad Cocaine

Creating a short-term successful hype ad is simple. 

Here’s all you need:

1. Intrusiveness. You’ve got to get their attention.

2. Offer. Make it too good to pass up.

3. Logic. Add supporting evidence to make doubters believe.

4. Urgency. There’s got to be a time limit.


5. Frequency. Lots and lots of frequency.

Leave out any of these ingredients, and you’re dead in the water.

The trouble is with Ad Cocaine the advertiser becomes instantly addicted.

But the Law of the Universe says, “Anything that works quickly will work less and less well the longer you keep doing it.” The magic always fades.

Sadly, like all addicts, these advertisers resist taking the long-term view, and they continue to measure success on an extremely short time horizon.

Constantly running hype (Sale) ads is no way to grow a profitable business.

(By Roy H. Williams, The Wizard of Ads @