Story Creates Handles for Easy Carrying

Whether it’s on the radio, in a magazine, or across the web, the secret sauce of success is story. A story well told stirs action, gets remembered, passed along.

A snowstorm of facts isn’t storytelling. Facts don’t sell. Facts typically weigh a story down. Stories are about ideas.

Whether creating an ad, developing content, or producing a video, start with these three questions:

1. What is the story about? The degree of story relevance determines interest.

2. Where will it take the consumer? Its movement from start to finish holds attention.

3. How does it change their lives? Its impact on the consumer’s life measures your story’s persuasive power.

Take any one away and you got zip.

As consumers become more sophisticated and jaded the power of story only becomes more effective.

Developing a well-crafted story is your first step in creating effective messaging.

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