The Four Ad Types

1. Franchise ads build the master brand. The hope of every franchisee is that the ads provided by the franchisor will generate enough brand attraction to pull customers into their store.

2. Category-specific ads are written broadly enough to fit every advertiser in a category. But remember: Ads that fit everyone don’t work very well for anyone. These ads are a waste of money.

3. Product-specific ads benefit every retailer who sells the product, but they aren’t really about the retailer at all. They’re only about the product. Product-specific ads are for special promotions.

4. Store-specific ads are the foundation of local branding, but to write them requires intimate, detailed research on the part of an expert ad writer. Rarely will a good, store-specific ad fit another advertiser in the same category. These ads can make you category dominate.

What type of ads are you running?

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